Artists at the 2017 Art Yard Sale. Details of 2018 coming soon!

Carne Griffiths
Graham Carter
Gemma Compton
Bonnie and Clyde
Martin Vareness Cooke
Pure Evil
Maria Rivens
Ben Einis one of the biggest names in street art. We can’t wait to welcome the typographic master back to our Yard Sale.

Pure Evil one of the Godfather’s of street art famed for his bunny tag and iconic Nightmares series. Expect marker pens, stencils, spray paint and mischievous fun!

Sara Pope contemporary artist is best known for her seductive paintings and limited edition art prints of big, bold and beautiful celebrity lips.

Mignon Mattee is another local Brighton based artist who is known for livening up walls around the city. She has worked closely with fellow street artist REQ painting public murals and collaborating on prints. Another Yard Sale first-timer who we are very excited about!
Carne Griffiths creates beautifully intricate portraits, often with unusual materials including tea, brandy, wine and whisky. Catch a breathtaking collection of new originals.

Copyright fusing street art, graffiti and more traditional styles, uses a mixture of classic painting techniques and spray can art to create beautiful, layered images.

Eelus is a hugely popular urban artist with a distinct style, whose print editions are highly coveted. He is always among the most sought after artists for our Yard Sale.

Maria Rivans is a local, Brighton-basedartist,best known for herintricate surreal landscapes, pin-upportraits and 3D boxed art works. Her work is equal parts nostalgic andglamorous.

Bonnie and Clyde is a local artist and printmaker, creating visually arresting mixed media collages using photography, paint and print. Her images seduce and charm the viewer.

Martin Vareness-Cooke 
works predominately with charcoal and Conte crayon; he creates arresting portraits usually with the inclusion of a bird captured in flight.
Magnus Gjoen is well known for juxtaposing macabre and destructive objects with renaissance art and floral motifs. His prints always sell out in quick time and we can’t wait to see what he brings tothe Yard Sale.

Carrie Reichardt promises to bring some of her anarchistic artwork to this year’s Yard Sale. Expect some political and subversive pieces from the self-titled craftivist.
Roy’s People specialises in creating imaginative artworks using miniature people, juxtaposing them with everyday objects resulting in humorous compositions.
REQ is a Brighton based street artist whose murals are well known across town. The artist uses a variety different techniques to create hugely realistic paintings and breathtaking editions. This year will be REQ’s first participation in The Art Yard Sale.
Euan Roberts originally hailing from Brighton.His simplisticpainted depictions of everyday people and objects that are often ignored are a reflection of the unrefined nature of human beings. This year will be his first outing at the Art Yard Sale.
Dan Hillier is hugely popular for his Victorianillustration inspired surreal collaged work. It will be Hillier’s firstappearance at the Yard Sale and we can’t wait see what he has instore!

Mark Hooley is a multi-talented artist. He is a painter, illustrator, designer, DJ, musician and independent record label partner with Aerosolik Records, and also works for the Shangri-La art department at Glastonbury Festival.
Dave White is a master painter of dynamic andexpressive animals. He is consistently one of our more popular artists in thegallery. It will be his first participation in the Yard Sale! Unfortunately Dave will not be in attendance, however an original watercolour will be raffled off for charity

Donk is one of London’s most prolific streetartists and is known for his exquisite paste ups featuring portraits andbutterflies. It’ll be the artist’s debut at the Yard Sale, so expect some beautifulprints on offer.

RYCA (a.k.a Ryan Callanan) is one of our most sought-after artists. He has created Poptorian art, combing Pop Art with Victorian craft. Expect a big impact from this artist.

Richard Berner is a local artist inspired by the people and places of Brighton and beyond, he always tries to create something out of the ordinary.

Eddy Bennet style is unique, creative and acts as a bridge between the traditional craft of sign painting, gilding and the vibrant, arresting aesthetic of the Pop movement.This year will be the artist’s Yard Sale debut, expect some seriously eye-catching signage!

Gemma Compton combines incredible portraiture with a distinct urban art style, often juxtaposing skulls and flowers with stunning effect.
Joe Webb creates beautiful collages that are painstakingly put together from found images to generate surreal pictures that explore love and longing. Another of local creative to feature this year.

Joseph Vass is a silkscreen artist and illustrator originally from Brighton. His work fuses hand drawn typographic elements together with idealistic imagery, inviting the viewer to take a smooth ride through a utopian haze, set in various scenes.
Shuby is a local street artist who creates colourful work using a combination of collage, paint, photography and print. Expect some of her vibrant rabbit related art to get visitors excited.

Graham Carter is a local print maker and illustrator, creating his enchanting world of nature and creatures. 
Louise McNaught creations feature nature and animals. Her fantastic bees on train tickets had people buzzing around her stall in 2016.
Carrie Rechardt
Dan Hiller
Dave White
Roys People
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