Got some questions about the Art Yard Sale? We’ve got some answers for you…

(Some of the answers below apply to our usual outdoor event, rather than our 2020 Virtual Art Yard Sale)

What is the Art Yard Sale?
Now in it’s sixth year, the Art Yard Sale – brought to you by Enter Gallery (formerly artrepublic) – is a fun day designed for you to be able to buy contemporary art, direct from the artists who create it.

Often artists can seem like elusive figures – you admire their work and love to see it hanging on your walls at home, but you have a limited idea about the person and process behind the art.

The Art Yard Sale takes away the layers of agents, social media and galleries, bringing art lovers face-to-face with their favourite contemporary artists. It also provides artists with an opportunity to give back to their followers, by sharing (and selling) artworks and prints that are either created especially for the event or being sold at a one-off reduced price.

Why Brighton?
The gallery behind the Art Yard Sale, Enter Gallery, has been the official sponsor of the visual arts programme at the Brighton Fringe Festival for many years. But we wanted a way to get involved in the energy of Brighton’s festival season ourselves – the result was the Art Yard Sale, which fits perfectly with the local, hands-on, creative ethos of the Fringe.


Is it all Street Art?
We aim to bring you the broadest selection of work – from street art to illustration to sculpture – so people can discover new types of art and artworks that they may not have thought about before. We make an effort to share the work of different artists every year, so no two Art Yard Sales are the same.


For us, the highlight of the Art Yard Sale is…
…(wait for the cheesiness) seeing everyone with a big smile on their faces throughout the day – artists and visitors alike.


Past Art Yard Sales

Get a feel for the event, by checking out some of the action from previous year’s Art Yard Sale