These are the artists who took part in the 2018 Art Yard Sale. We'll start listing artists for our 2019 event as soon as we have them. 


Becky Allen
Is a Contemporary artist explores the meditative potentialities of drawing as a form of release and catharsis. Attuned to spatial rhythms, Allen’s work channels the energy of repetition, transforming the artificial mark into a vision of organic growth.

Guy Allen

Guy Allen
Tracing his obsession with cars back to a 1983 RAC rally, Allen’s stylised graphic prints go beyond simply depicting a car, aiming to capture something of each model’s character.


Sarah Arnett
Is a contemporary artist and illustrator, whose long-spanning background in the fashion industry feeds her stylish and elegant aestheti


Art + Believe
Are an artists team based in the UK. Paint large scale bright, colourful, geometric murals to bring forgotten communal spaces to life.

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Bonnie and Clyde
Employing a blend of photography, collage and paint, Bonnie and Clyde’s prints  immerse the viewer in beautiful and bizarre cityscapes, which draw on scenes found as far apart as California and Tokyo.

Lucy Bryant

Lucy Bryant
Pieces of art found in junk shops form the basis for graphic designer and artist Lucy Bryant’s Punk-meets-Pop works, which aim to subvert the everyday and the banal. 

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Graham Carter
Nature is at the heart of many of Brighton-based illustrator and printmaker Graham Carter’s intricate images, which often blend environment and beast in unexpected and beautiful ways


A background in photography informs CJP’s detailed black-and-white illustrations, which deal with the natural world and the tools that humans create to interact (and often interfere) with it.


Gemma Compton
Often juxtaposing skulls and flowers with portraiture, Bristol-based artist Gemma Compton experiments with pattern, texture and symbolism to create her distinctive urban art style. 


Fusing graffiti and more traditional styles of image making, Copyright creates work that uses the female form and natural motifs to comment on the unattainable ideals of today’s culture.

 COY! Communications

COY! Communications
is a world-renowned creative collective headed up by their idiosyncratic leader Mark Denton Esq. Graphic Art, Photography, Film, Costume Design, Theatre, Art Installations, you name it, they’ve had their hands in it (usually right up to their elbows).


his own distinctive style that takes a sideways look at a populist medium with a typically British sense of humourHis work features stark black and white street pieces and unique, photo-real colour stencils that fool the eye with impeccable detail.

Mike Edwards
Through his typographic work, which uses song lyrics to create portraits of musicians and other famous figures, Mike Edwards creates images that are designed to enhance or change meaning in words.
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Drawing inspiration from pop culture, film, graphic design and art history, Eeelus’ sough-after images are both playful and provocative. There’s always a queue at his Art Yard stall!


Magnus Gjoen
Known for juxtaposing macabre and destructive objects with renaissance art and floral motifs, Magnus Gjoen’s prints incorporate a street and pop aesthetic with a fine art approach.

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Dan Hillier
Splicing together late-Victorian imagery sourced from woodcuts, engravings, anatomical drawings and various illustrations, Dan Hillier’s distinctive prints have an otherworldly appeal.

Joanne Hummel Newell
Bold and brightly coloured, Newell’s aesthetic is instantly eye-catching, bringing fragments of geometry into union with one another through a series of tactile processes.


Drawing on his passion for erotica, 1950’s nostalgia, music and urban street art, Hutch makes versatile art on all surfaces, from canvas to cardboard, wood to walls and from pavement to human skin.

Hello Marine

Hello Marine
Bold, colourful and joyful, Hello Marine’s illustrations draw on nature and everyday life to create contemporary prints that appeal to both adults and children alike.

Using mixed media, upcycling, and collage techniques, her pieces are a fusion of memory and nostalgia, taking the iconic and the cultural and merging them with the abstract to create that uncanny line between the ‘classically familiar and the downright bizarre.’
Louise McNaught
Jewel-like tones and familiar animal forms meet in Louise McNaught’s prints, which set out to make a point about man’s destruction of nature. This work is beautiful with serious undertones.
Sara Pope
Questions of beauty, communication, and the rise of image perfectionism run through Sara Pope’s work, which is known for its depictions of boldly seductive and voluptuous lips.

Marie Rivans
Brighton-based artist Maria Rivans draws inspiration from philosophical teachings, vintage Hollywood films, Hitchcock and sci-fi films to create her fantastical and surreal collages.


Using well-known iconography and nostalgic imagery with irony, RYCA creates tongue-in-cheek prints that reference everything from politics to Pop.


Cosmo Sarson
Studied Fine Art at The Byam Shaw School of Art where he was mentored by one of Britains finest contemporary painters, Peter Doig. Working traditionally in oil on canvas, with a nod to his graffiti and hip hop back ground.


Clive Sefton
is a Brighton-based artist and designer. His series of "Word Search" art works combine clean and beautiful designs with fun and interaction.

Sinna One

works predominantly is spray paint and is influenced heavily by street art and graffiti, cartoon culture and sci fi. You will see Sinna’s colourful art across Brighton in the form of Dragons, Badgers, Robots, Peacocks to name just a few.


Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Benjamin Thomas Taylor
The urban and the rural are interconnected via typography in Benjamin Thomas Taylor’s artwork, which sees large lettering superimposed over hyperreal landscapes.


Martin Varennes-Cooke
Originally from the Lake District, he travelled down South 20 years ago to seek his fortune. He is still looking for that elusive fortune, but what he has found is an abundance of inspiration.


Joe Webb
A back-to-basics approach has won Joe Webb many fans. His beautiful collages are painstakingly crafted by hand, and use found pictures to create surreal images that explore love and longing.

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